Drygate Brewing Co

Name: Drygate
Location: 85 Drygate, Glasgow G4 0UT
Founded: 2014
Head Brewer: David Stark
How it all began: Drygate Brewery is a craft beer joint venture from two of Scotland’s more establish breweries Tennant’s Caledonian and William Brothers. Located next to Tennant’s in a former box factory close to the city centre.
In a few words: Drygate brewers operate their state-of-the-art brew kit in full view of visitors to the bar and brasserie. A number of Scotland’s most recognised craft beers have emerged from their ethos of creativity, collaboration and brewing flare.
Visitor Info: Visitors to Drygate are offered a ring-side-seat of the brewing action through the giant window that divides the bar from the brewery. A 120 cover brasserie also provides a dynamic dining experience.

West Brewery

Name: WEST Brewery
Location: 15 Binnie Pl, Glasgow G40 1AW
Founded: 2006
Head Brewer: Simon Roberts
How it all began: Originally from Bavaria, Germany Petra Wetzel moved to Glasgow as a student in the mid 1990s. In 2006 she opened WEST on the Green – her brewery bar. Brewing under the German purity laws of Reinheitsgebot WEST has grown to become of Scotland’s leading craft breweries. The West strapline neatly sums up their ethos “Glaswegian Heart – German Head”

Visitor Info: Housed in the fabulous Templeton Building at Glasgow Green, the “WEST on the green” offers both inside and outside drinking and dining.


Glasgow Beer Works

Name: Glasgow Beer Works
Founded: 2017
Header Brewer: Adam Gray
Best Selling Beer: Pilsner Lager 4% – A classic Pilsner using German malt and hops to create fruity, spicy and floral characteristics. S-23 lager yeast is used in fermentation to give it a smooth profile and fresh crispness. In addition to being Glasgow Beer Work’s best online seller, over 2,700 pints of it were sold during the GBW Beer Garden’s first two opening weeks.

Visitor Info: GBW began life as Merchant City Brewing Co in 2017 with the original idea to create a brewpub style venue in the space where the brewery’s city centre Beer Barden is now located. The opportunity to purchase a larger than anticipated brew kit meant that plans changed and GBW opened as a fully-fledged craft brewery instead.
During the summer of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, GBW moved to their new brewing premises at Queenslie Park in Glasgow’s East End.

Loch Lomond

Name: Loch Lomond Brewery
Location: Dumbarton, G82 3PD
Founded: 2011
Head Brewer: Thomas

How it all began: Loch Lomond Brewery began in the kitchen of husband and wife co-owners Euan and Fiona MacEachern. Having moved out from the kitchen to Dumbarton and picked up some industry awards in 2016 and 2017 Loch Lomond went through a serious brew-kit upgrade and relocation in 2019.
In a few words: It’s a stretch to claim Loch Lomond / Dumbarton is in Glasgow city. But Loch Lomond Brewery has some redeeming features to merit inclusion in the Glasgow Beer Box. First the brewery is just a short blast up the A82 and still has a “G” postcode. Second, they brew some cracking beers.

Hidden Lane

Name: Hidden Lane
Location: 1103 Argyle Street, Finnieston G3 8ND
Founded: 2018
Head Brewer: Pete
The Hidden Lane Brewery are Glasgow’s first organic brewery, taking their name from their base in Finnieston’s Hidden Lane. 

Overtone Brewing Co

Name: Overtone Brewery
Loaction: Halley Street, Clydebank, Glasgow G13 4DJ
Founded: 2017
Head Brewer: Dan Miller
How it all began: Founded by craft beer enthusiast and home brewery Bowei Wang. Bowei was joined by head brewer Dan Miller from New Hampshire and local Martin Connaghan to put Overtone into action.
In a few words: Overtone don’t operate a regular core range of beers, instead opting to continually brew new recipies whilst revisiting some well received beers with repeat batches. Thus Overtone are regarded as one of Scotland’s most creative craft brewers with new beers emerging on an almost weekly basis. Overtone’s has a hard-won reputation for producing some exceptional “amplified” beers
Visitor info:
Overtone operate a click-and-collect service from the brewery.

Simple Things Frementations

Name: Simple Things Fermenations  
Location: The Bakehouse, 6 Hazel Ave, Muirend, Glasgow G44 3LJ
Founded: 2020
Head Brewer: Philip Sisson

How did it all begin:

A small independent brewery based in Glasgow’s Southside, established 2019 by Phil and Euan. STF value quality, tradition, innovation, and doing things a bit differently.

Up Front Brewing

Name: Up Front Brewing
Founded: 2015
Jake started home brewing at university, using surplus fruit from his allotment to make sparkling country wines. He then got into beer and won a homebrew competition with what went on to be his first commercial beer – Zombier, 6.9% porter, commercialised at Fyne Ales, where he then went on to work whilst writing up his thesis. After this he decided to become a brewer full time and never looked back. He then moved to Drygate where he helped them buy, install and commission the brew kit, and worked there as the head brewer for the first 3 years. This then led to starting his own brewery Up Front Brewing. He is what is technically known as a cuckoo brewer, renting space in other people’s breweries and making his beer on a batch-by-batch basis, with a focus on wild, sour and barrel aged beers.